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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Take A Look Through My Journaling Bible

Bible journaling pages

Bible Journaling Ideas: A Look At My Bible Doodles
This might be one of the toughest posts I've ever written. Why? I think for the same reason I don't like to walk around in tank tops and short shorts. It just reveals too much!

Bible journaling is kind of a personal thing. It's a me-and-God thing. But I also want to share it. Do you ever feel like that? When you make something? Like you want to share it, but you kind of don't at the same time? That's Bible J for me.

Part of the reason I started this blog was to help myself learn new journaling techniques... and then to share them with others.

  • I knew it would be messy. 
  • I knew I would make mistakes. 
  • I knew I had so much to learn! 

But I also knew my mistakes might help others learn, too. So, in the spirit of making mistakes... and learning from them... here's an up-close and personal look into my journaling Bible... the good, the bad and the... aesthetically challenged. Ha ha! Don't judge me too harshly. I'm still learning.

And if you're out there thinking about starting your own journaling Bible, and you're saying, "I'm not an artist! What if I mess up? What if my page turns out messy and ugly and I can't do anything about it?" Just remember, you're in good company! It's okay to fail sometimes. And other times, you might just make something to be proud of!

Some of these are original designs, and others are inspired by things I've seen on Pinterest. Of course, mine never seem to turn out quite like the pretty pins, but that's okay, too.

Enjoy! (*Mistakes and all!)

 This was my first Bible doodle. You can read about it here.

When I was a kid, I memorized the 23rd Psalm. It always made pictures in my mind of a dark valley with a beautiful pasture and stream waiting beyond. I have a similar design for you to print and trace here.

This is my first double-page design. I think I'll do more!

This was done with a printable and washi tape. You can get the printable and read about washi tape here.

 This is me! If I were about 30 pounds lighter and wore dresses. Ha ha ha!

Stick to the margins?
For a long time, I was a stick-to-the-margins kind of girl. Can you tell? But eventually, I brought myself to color more and more on the page. I knew I wanted to, but for some reason it was hard, like maybe covering up the words wasn't okay? But I examined my motives and realized I wasn't trying to cover up God's word. Rather, I was highlighting something that really spoke to me! I still have a study Bible for reading, which gives me freedom to be artistic in my journaling Bible.

I have a lot of designs done with gelatos, but this was my first. You can read more about gelatos here. 

 I really loved this hot air balloon design. You can find it in my Etsy shop.

If you look sideways, you'll see the crown spells a word. :)

This last design is my FAVORITE! It is how I picture heaven... just me and Jesus sitting in a field of flowers and chatting together.

There you have it! I know they're not perfect, but I love being able to open myself up to what God is saying and reflect it back in art, even clumsy art.

Do YOU want to share your Bible J art? Post it on my Facebook page.

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Bible Journaling: 7 Ways To Use Washi Tape

Ways to use washi tape in your Bible journaling

7 Ways To Use Washi Tape (Plus a FREE printable at the bottom of this post!)
I have recently discovered the joys of washi tape. Have you ever used it? I love the pretty colors and designs, but I was never quite sure what I was supposed to do with it...? I'm pleased to tell you, after much research, there are LOTS of things to do with washi tape. Here are just a few.

1. Make a banner
To make this washi tape banner, you'll need some baker's twine. Simply cut off a piece of tape, wrap it around the twine and connect it to itself. Then cut the bottom off in an upside down V shape as shown.

Washi Tape Banner

How to make a washi tape banner

2. Mark a page edge
This is as easy at it sounds. Just use your favorite color washi tape on the edge of an important page. I used mine to quickly locate the New Testament, but you could mark pages by category (love, trust, etc.) or mark each book, whatever suits you best!

Washi tape border

Washi tape Bible border tabs

3. Make dangles
This was a fun project. I cut the washi tape into thinner strips (although you can buy skinny washi tape, too). I made each one a different length and then created "dangles" with stars on the ends. I have a printable that goes with this available for you at the bottom of the post.

Washi tape dangles for your Bible journaling

4. Attach items to your Bible
I created a cute little door that opens and closes and used washi tape to attach it. Get creative with this! You can attach all kinds of cute little opening flaps into your Bible, using them to hide words and pictures that can only be seen when the flap is lifted. Cute! I have a printable for this at the bottom of the post, too.

Use washi tape to attach 3-D items into your Bible

5. Cover mistakes
If you've ever had bleed-thru or mistakes in your Bible J, cover them with washi tape! And create new art on top if you want. Read more about this here.

Use washi tape to cover mistakes

6. Corner bookmark
Have you seen all the cute corner bookmarks? Follow the diagram to make one. And once you do, cover it in washi tape!

Make a washi tape corner bookmark

How to make an origami corner bookmark

7. Feathers
You'll need some thick crafting twine or cord to make these washi tape feathers. Cut cord to desired length, fold a piece of tape over the cord, attaching to itself. Then cut lines into the edges, going back at a slightly different angle to cut out a few pieces. Finally, cut into a feather shape.

Make washi tape feathers

What are YOU going to make with washi tape?

Free Printables
To download these free printables, click the image below to open. Then right click and save the file. Color & cut OR trace into your Bible. Enjoy!

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